Trip to Rome, Pisa, Florence, Milan, Zurich, Paris.

by eliabarasila

Can u imagine a muslimah, wearing hijab, and travel to th country of Popes? October 8th, my plane emirates EK 359, early in the morning 00.30 took of from jakarta to Dubai.The Flight was on time. Nice plane, I think. Stewardest came from many nationality, hmm, i see some of them look like europian, some chinese, some arabian, indian. They wore skirt at knee lenght and hat, also there was shawl attached between their hat to their top

It’s so exciting . I wish i can take all my kids along with me. But, my firsy, Amir who is already in collage, cannot leave his class, Hasna the beautiful young girl that popular in her school as “artis pkp” (hahahaha…) now in 11th grade , not in senior high school, but..hmmm i dont know it in English, but she is now majoring in multimedia high school. And she cannot leave the class too, then.. Abrar the handsome young boy, wish can take him too, but 3 weeks before we leave, he refuse to go because in that week, he will have mid semester test.
So i cannot take them along with me. But, I still can take the little one, Najla who is now 5 yo. For me and my husband, it’s not fun at all if not bring kid with us. Eventhough only one, alhamdulillah. Last time we can take both of the girls to istanbul, makkah and madinah, alhamdulillah.

When i was traveling by plane in the night, morning time always confused me when it comes to subuh pray time. So just by quessing, i prayed at 4 am at the present time. Prayed on the chair.
Luckyly because of i wear hijab, so when i am praying i don’t have to put my mukena.
I was wearing blue light jeans, and the blouse that made by my own label (edirneveil), and big sweater because I really cannot handle cold and I thought in the plane will be very cold, also in the airport. That time europ in winter time (October) so it must be very cold for me. So I put my sweater since Jakarta.

Arrived at Dubai airport at morning time 7 am.

Me & my lover hehe… So sweet….look i wear boot. I love wearing boot

Dubai airport is a very huge airport, really realy big airport. From the plane to the airport, they took us by bus. And i felt it long way of time to reach the airport.
Transit for about 3 hours in Dubai Airport, we tried to eat breakfast, because actually we didn’t want to. We ate mc donalds.

The advantage of bringing kids along us, is that we ll always get our turn first to get on the plane.

Transit in Dubai Airport for about 3 hours on the way to Rome.

From Dubai to Rome we flied by emirates airbus. It was really a very nice and lux plane. The interior, wow, the electronic device, hmm… even we can use internet wifi by paying 5 US$ for 30 MB. We can even see the pilot view from the television in front of us.. (kamseupay ya gue…LoL, hahaha).


arrived in Rome at about 13.00. The imigration officer really scary me, no smile, look like a bloody cold killer mafioso. I wish can take a picture of him. Hehehe….

By chartered bus we went around the city of Rome. Nice city… The colour of the building are almost the same, yellow ochre. Our tour leader, mr. Harry said that people dont allow to change the color of their own building. That’s the governtment rule.

In the left, Roberto our local guide.

Vatican is the country in side Rome city. This is the place where the Pope lives. We entered the city and stoped to see the St. Peter Basilica Church. In side it, there are so many painting made by Michael Angelo. Great painting!! I dont know how to describe it, just great, very artistic and beautiful. Unfortunately i dont take the picture by my ipad, so i cannot show it here, maybe later.
Poor Najla, my daugther, she was tired already after long journey. She was very happy when we arrived at the hotel. The Aran Mantegna hotel. Our room were very nice and clean. The only sad thing that there was no internet conection. I really hate that. Buying the mobile card that can use all of europ not even help, coz we cannot use our blackberry. So we didnt buy it. Alhamdulillah, the pharmacy , ethica gave my husband mobile card from indonesia that can use blackberry, card from 3.

Next morning, as our men going to simposiom, the ladies was going to via condotti, the place that we can buy branded stuff. Like LV, Gucci, Prada ….
Seeing the ladies shopping really driving me crazy. I womder how much money they carried in their bag? Unbelievable!!.
For me, i just need eye glasses, because i lost one. As all my friends enter the LV store, so I followed them. Hmm… Nice store, lux one. Just look around and i’ve found the eye glasses i need.
Light brown colour, sooo beautiful.


When buying eyeglasses there in europe, i ‘ve just known that there is an eyeglass for asian and europian. The diffrence is in the nose holder, for asian who their nose are more small, they made it more high. And for the europian who has big nose, they made that nose stand more short, so it will fit the face who wear the glass.

I didn’t wanna buy a bag, because… First i dont have a place to store it, second I don’t have money for that luxurious thing. For me, better the money i spend it for another short course in fashion design. So, I just look around to see the model, the style, the colour, the motif. And, also to see how my friends spend their money for bag. Really, crazy shopping people.
Going to via condotti, i was wearing jeans, batik blouse, and the shawl i bought in hijab store close to my house in cibubur. And, the sweater of course! Because it’s cold weather there in Rome.

While we were shopping in via condotti, our husband was in FIGO simposium. And, after we had lunch, we back to pick them up to join us to see the Colloseum.
Colloseum was mad by Vespasian. He was a king in roman empire. It’s in 1 Century, it’s about 79M.
He planned to build a place for a water game war. I mean the game war will take place in the place like the ocean. But, seven years after, the place had not finish yes and the king (Vespasia) died. His son, Titus, continued it. But, he got a diffrent thing in mind, then he made a place like today we see. It was a place to compete human. He compete prisoner to another prisoner. U guys remember the movie called Gladiator? Yeahh that is the story. I imagine it was really a magnifecent building. Really an awesome archeologic thing.

br />;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
Love the batik blouse, the scarf from hijab store, the inner hijab from my own label, and the eye glass from LV i bought in Via Condotti, Rome.

After Colloseum, we visit the magic fountain. Little bit shy to show my picture there, cause i looked so tired and pale. Didn’t have time to put my blush on. Usually i always use it, because my skin is very pale so i have to use it.

Even pet need fashion…LoL

Even Rome has a halal pizza.

We finished the day with dinner in a Local italian restaurant. But it was not my taste, i prefer indonesian pizza hut.

in front of italian local restaurant

Tomorrow morning, we agree to go back to via condotti because of some female doctor had not yet visit via condotti and wanna buy bags there. Rich people from our loving rich country, Indonesia.
To doctor Katrina, doctor Lie, doctor Ria, doctor Sarah Ika, happy shopping hours.

waiting for LV store to be opened. Sapa aja tuh…ngaku!

@bvlgary window

At Via Condotti

Only can look at the money for buying Hermes

in front of Pisa tower with my sweet little Najla. Always confident when wearing black.

we are all doctors, and we’r wearing boots

sleep at hotel Miro, Florence.

It was a long way journay from Rome to Paris. We stopped at Pisa to see Pisa tower. We had dinner close to pisa tower area. There is an chinese restaurant. And we only order everything from sea and egg. So i hope it’s halal.
Then we sleep over in Florence at hotel Miro. The next morning, we continue our journey to Milan. We stopped by at San Siro Stadium, bought some souvenir there.

at San Siro stadium, Milan.

After Milan, we continue our journey to Zurich. An owesome view along our journey. I don’t know how to describe it. It was going to fall, so there are 3 color of the leafs, green, yellow , red brown. really beautiful picture.

The tree has 3 color